Quote from Double-Mind Philosophy

- "Depicting false realities is no less fake than what is considered to be reality: to overtly manipulate the constituents of such a reality in order to draw attention to it's falseness should be viewed as an attempt to recognize true reality." -


retouch me

I will be getting an airbrush, partly for painting and partly because I used to do high end retouching, and I think I can do it outside the computer pretty good (I hope). It is another layer of fakeness that I wish to expound.

I also realized that nature is my favorite thing. I often think that some people don't really like it that much, and I want them to like it, cause it is one of the most satisfying experiences. So I think I can sell nature if I hype it up a bit. I have been thinking of new personalities and styles for Nature and I think Nature likes to party. When people see the new "party Nature," they will want to get to know Nature better.

Nature Rocks.

And I might use make-up, cause even nature needs a little concealer. Nip -tuck..