I've been looking into concepts like string theory, but not with equations, simply seeing how it describes phenomema and how I can interpret that. String theories exist as a way to connect the theories of gravity and quantum mechanics, things that the General Theory of Relativity did not fully accomplish. String theory helps to connect all facets of phenomena in one bucket. There are 5 major string theories, but a new theory states how it utilizes the existence of all 5 previous theories. The important thing I like is that these theories function in a dualistic manner, interacting with another theory to take on its traits, and vice versa, creating a dependence on each other in a way. So one theory transforms to seem like another theory, and described as "dual to one another." The degree to which these theories interact is based on their coupling strength, or interaction.

I like the idea of coupling, and how different entities have varying levels of coupling strength. This model can be applied to a visual representation of objects, shapes, and boundaries. How they couple and transform is to be determined, but the space in which they combine is in the mind. Utilizing memory of concepts and vision, coupling enables a dualistic transformation of all objects to some degree, in essence connecting all objects to each other in an interconnected web.