infered space and façade

Looking at space in a temporal form has been the underlying theme I have investigated. Reducing environments to shapes, and time-altered shapes, has shown me that I am interested in spatial perception. I have been layering different experiences of environments into single compositions, in 2D right now, to look at how vision uses semiotics and memory (time based) to make sense of the compositions and fill in gaps and make connections. Perspective is a part of this layering, putting things in spatial timeframe. Still working this out on paper, and trying to extend some perspectival line drawings into space. I have looked at stacking as a form of time based transformation as well, a 3D version of the time-altered shapes idea. Some materials of interest are elastic string, die-cut paper, tape, mylar.

Trying to make this relevant today by looking at how we use space architecturally, the idea of façade as representation/reality, and contemporary issues regarding longevity of designs, prefab technologies, and strategies of green design (LEED).