Cut and Paste

Continuing with inferred spaces and time-based transformation, I am focusing more on the 3D line drawings, optical effects of color, and different ways to look at cut-outs. Cutting and rearranging objects with paper, xerox, reflectives, and dowels. The rearranging of the environment has brought up issues of boundaries, growth, delineation, and containment. Some drawings have been successful in suggesting growing masses that are ordered and related to other objects, creating and negating fields. Using ideas in blueprints, interior and landscape design, fasteners, reinforcements, hinges, hooks, ropes, cables, framing, and architectural elements.

Independent existence

About individual objects (or visual forms): when does an object or environment cease to be itself anymore? An object exists because we conceptually designate it as so, with a name and a representation to match. Over time, all things change, so at what time does an object cease to be and become something else.

Instead of philosophically, this translates visually in time-based transformations of objects and environments. The building becomes a park, and then a parking lot, and then a building, and then a vacant lot. In between these times, the place is lost, un-named, and unidentifiable. It can be anywhere.

"I never sleep. I've never slept at all. I've never had a dream. All of that could be true."
-ugo rondinone