natural and constructed

This dichotomy is often discussed, but there is always room in the middle, in between the two extremes. I'm interested in exposing the constructed environment, in regards to the artificial. Façade is a simple version of this construction: the face, flat and illusionistic at the same time. The façade is basically an image, and can may as well be a printed image. The structure behind that should be exposed, so that you don't lie to yourself about it's real-ness. Unnatural construction is all over the place (plastic surgery, photoshop, lasik, make-up, fashion, etc). It seems much more relieving to be aware of the material construction than to deny it, even though you know it's true. Structures, framing, foundations, supports, paint, fabric, images, etc. A constructed image can be natural once it has been acknowledged and understood as a fabrication, and will seem natural in context with culture.