Image and Accumulation

My new painting/drawing series is attempting to order presentation of a miasma of information. Looking to the built environment, or the experienced construction, I see a constant change of our visual environment with development through urban planning and design. The city is constantly editing itself, erasing and rebuilding structures and experiences. This indeterminacy of our living space reminds me of how we must edit and replace information in our memory, cause there is just too much information now to have it all. I am trying to develop a visual lexicon based on our built environment and presenting it in a multi-layered, hybridized format. This compounding of information reminds me of memory and how we process information, seeing what we need at the time and referencing that specific information, despite a vast amount of info present now and through our historical experience.

The graphic drawing is an accumulation of some walking views of the park blocks, the grass or foundation only. Maybe these are the areas most likely to remain the same for a long time. Also pictured is a photo of my new photo series of Models.