Quick Fix

This work for the PSU mfa midway show is latex, graphite, joint compound and drywall. I am interested in fa├žades, walls, and flat surfaces as impermanent structures. This work is inspired by the current housing crash in America, yet before the downturn I had already become concerned at the quality of construction, materials, and general aesthetics of contemporary building. Value is an abstract concept we apply to all things, and housing is one example of extreme value inflation of banal materials and location, ultimately proving its instability and volatility over time. My surface is a mobile gallery wall in poor condition, yet is still painted white and looks good from far away. I am interested in the quality of my work up close and far away and what that can reveal about perception and reality.

Keller Fortress

This installation is my third in this large format, this being the first to look at irregular surfaces to apply drawing. The work is not site specific or referential to WorkSound gallery, but is a representation of another unrelated site. Keller Fountian (SW 3rd and Market) is a very intriguing public space that I feel is really important to look at as we demarcate space in Portland during our hyper-development and imminent expansion. The fountain is playful and uplifting, but more to me like a surreal world, a place for discovery and exploration. The drawing depicts multiple angles and viewpoints in the park area, creating new forms and compounding the experience of this confusing yet comforting environment. Much of the allure to me is the fabrication of waterfalls, Lawrence Halprin's vision of fusing naturally the urban and organic environments of Portland, to help reverse "urban blight." I cannot deny the irony of manufactured landscapes, but this case is a particularly alluring utopian attempt to increase the quality of life for future residents. The video game reference seemed to me an interesting concept due to ideas of historical relevance (vintage feeling), the "futuristic" design of the fountain, and the playfulness involved in the whole experience.