Neo Geo

Neo Geo is flashy, flirting with op art's visuality but introducing an element of surrealism, or a kind of scientific mysticism. I tend to think the idea of neo-geometry might be seen as a philosophy, an approach using visual phenomenon to order, understand, confuse or propose situations in the environment. My use of infographics is my neo-geo tool, a method providing agency to my truly subjective interpretations. This tool suggests possibilities which when investigated may lead the viewer to attempt to solve or explain a given visual situation.

Drawings that look like plans let a viewer anticipate a materialization, relying on expectation and the viewer's motivation of what they want to know from an image. This is an infra-area, a planning process that never ends, and has no finite goal or present status. The image is a presentation of possibilities, a platform to generate ideas through a series of visual cues and suggestion. It is this sort of scientific method that provides an infinite amount of interpretations through the negation of starting and ending points.