Cashmere Fatigue @ East West Project Berlin

Cashmere Fatigue is a site specific wall drawing considering ideas of value, defense, and confusion in relation to the retail industry. The image depicts a department store entrance, a reference to Saks Fifth Avenue, the luxury retailer. The work plays off of the existing structure to create an expanded field beyond the gallery walls, one that offers a development of commercial space in unpredictable ways. This work is also inspired by the "pop-up shop" phenomenon in which unoccupied retail spaces have been transformed into stores selling fashion, art, furniture, and various other commodities. The work depicts indeterminate structures in the distance, incomplete forms, and irrational physical space. The scene has a sort of identity crisis, trying to seduce the viewer yet visibly defensive, alluring yet alarming. The work relies on the viewer to designate it as either a retro-futuristic wasteland caught in an awkward economic reflex, or a playful landscape of temporary, creative capitalism. The ambiguity of the image reinforces ideas of hybrid-culture marketing and the renegotiation of comfort in capitalism.